Dust  Bunnies         (Bunolagus pulvis)

     Natural Habitat: Under beds, behind dressers, or wherever there is still air and a dearth of its natural predators: brooms, mops, vacuums and the voracious Swiffer.
     Its natural defenses are escape by a 'float' technique, which it employs instead of hopping, to take advantage of the air currents stirred up by its potential predators.
     It feeds on hair of all kinds, fluff, relics, remains, crumbs and assorted feculance. Very prolific, tending to live in large family groups.
     Each bunny is unique, handmade of felted wool.

Bunnies pictured above have gone to other homes, please contact artist for present stock.

     Prices range from $7 to $20.

Other, non-bunny shaped animals, made with wet felted or recycled fibers. Please check back; pictures coming soon!