Large Sculptures

Below are examples of large animals I have made. Not all are available. Please contact me if you would like to have any large animal made for you. Prices range from $200-$1200, depending on size and materials.

Orsen, treed

2007. Seen here as he was displayed at the Bihl House show, with trees made with  bamboo armatures. Leaves are made of recycled pop bottles.

Orsen is about 3 feet tall on his own; arms are 5 feet from fingertip to fingertip. Made with a leather face, synthetic fiber fur. $195.

Ali Gator and Green Heron

2006. Ali Gator is eight feet long and made with textured upholstory fabrics.  $250.

2002. Green Heron is unavailable, but is an example of a Dancing Heron. Full height is 5 feet tall, 3 foot wingspan. One can be made in any color scheme for $65.

Gemsbox Gem Box

2005. Wood armature, various fibers. Leather-strapped flaps open to reveal velvet-lined small compartments, which are decorated with African cotton fabrics. Unavailable.


2003. Eight feet long from tail to toenail, Lafcadio is seen here sharpening his claws on the wall. Bad kitty! Can also be rested with forearms on floor in a 'pounce' position. Made with wooden armature, various fabrics; sissal, twine and yarn mane. Wooden nails won't damage much. Leather foot pads. $975.


2003. Wire and wood base, various fabrics. Flexible trunk. Stands 4'6". One can be custom made for you! $500.